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Sebastián E. Santiago de Chile .2014
Sebastián E. Santiago de Chile .2014


Este espacio esta enfocado a emprendedores o empresarios que quieran expandir sus empresas y generar valor a sus productos. También es para aquellos que creen que el éxito no es simple casualidad sino la relación entre oportunidades y conocimientos, y que el fracaso es la sabiduría que todo emprendedor debe tener.

Los invito a compartir y generar un ecosistema de emprendimiento alrededor de un espacio como este. Bienvenidos a INSIGHT & IDEAS – SEB & Partners.


This blog is focused on entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses and create value to their products. I Invite you to share and generate an ecosystem of entrepreneurship around a space like this. Welcome to INSIGHT & IDEAS – SEB Partners.

Sebastian Escobar. has been the founder of three companies in different sectors. Now he is the CoDirector of IBSCO, companies that work with infrastructure projects. Among their clients are private companies like Anglo Gold Ashanti (south Africa), Efigas (Colombia), Odinsa (Colombia-Chile) and Ternium (Argentina). He has experience in sales, company growth, capital investment, environmental corporative strategies, and human resources.

Sebastian is an associated professor in the areas of entrepreneur at Caldas University and has obtained recognition  for his entrepreneurial Spirit by the economy’s Dean of the Autonoma’s University. He has also been a member of a board meeting in an ONG, and worked with the Yo Creo en Colombia’s foundation” spreading the message of why people should believe in Colombia.

Sebastian Escobar was born in Manizales, Colombia. He has a degree in business administration from Javeriana’s University (Bogotá), and a Masters degree in Environmental Management (MGA) from the Andes University (Bogotá). There he was the leader of “Globalenstra”, a website where people interact about environmental projects and sustainability strategies.



Partners – guests

Pedro Medina is a social businessman, an educator and a catalyst.

As a businessman he founded McDonald’s in Colombia and led it during 7 years, making it the biggest college student’s employer.  In 2001, the magazine “Dinero” recognized him as one of the 20 businessmen of the year, and the Colombo-American Commerce Chamber as an “Exemplary Colombian”. He also held managerial places in Sofasa, Propilco and Mobil. In September 2004, President Uribe and the newspaper “El Colombiano” recognized him as an “Examplary Colombian”  on the Economy & Business category.

The magazine “Cambio” recognized him as one of the 50 leaders under 50 years old in Colombia.

He was a finalist on the “Social entrepreneur” contest in 2006, organized by the magazine “Dinero” and The Schawb Foundation.

Currently, he is the president of the “Yo Creo en Colombia” (“I believe in Colombia”) Foundation and he also offers consulting services.

He has been teaching Strategy and Business Development on the Universidad de Los Andes, Rosario and CESA. During 2002-2003 he was a Fellow of Harvard International Affairs Center, where he researched methodologies to build social capital in Colombia. Nowadays he is a Fellow of the Batten Institute from University of Virginia where he develops innovative ways to teach entrepreneurship.

As a catalyst, and together with his foundation, he has reached 441.975 people in 146 cities from 24 countries.

Pedro Medina studied International Relationships, Economy and History in the University of Virginia, where he also got an MBA. Additionally, he has a bachelor in Hamberguerology from the University of the Hamburger in Chicago




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